My Approach

My Health Coaching is a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I consider all aspects of your life and how they are connected.

Maybe stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to choose unhealthy foods and/or overeat.  How is your sleep?  Are you not getting the hours you need causing low energy and a lack of motivation to exercise?  As we team up together, we will explore how health is multifaceted.

I work with my clients in understanding their individual needs because I know…... life happens and your individual needs will change.  Self-awareness is key in making the right decisions for yourself in any given circumstance and I want to guide you in feeling confident in making those decisions.  When we’re in touch with our body’s needs we can be fully capable of making good decisions and not relying on magazine articles and the latest fads.

Let’s define what you value most for a healthy lifestyle.  We’ll connect the dots to motivate you in reaching your goals so that you can be where you want to be.  As your mentor, I will not dictate a diet for you, but together we will learn why some foods make you feel better than others and how to use that information. Together we’ll devise your health goals with actionable objectives and within reasonable time frames so you are clear in what you're working toward.

Would you like to be more in tune with your body?

My Approach - Marilou White